Clean & Green is a soft cloth tunnel car wash only!

"Green" car washing means we recycle our water, we use less than 15 gallons of fresh water to wash your car. We use only earth friendly chemicals and solutions and we operate energy efficient bulbs, pumps and motors.  

We want to stay connected with our customers, we offer a unlimited car wash club and mobile app. you can buy car washes right from your phone. We have two loactions to better serve you. 



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Our Unlimited Car Wash Club is best value for the money. 
Once you join the club per month you can then wash your car anytime you want, FOR FREE
As a club member you receive some great discounts on detailing as well. You also have access to our new Mobile App. where you can buy and send washes thru your email, schedule a detail appointment and manage your unlimited wash account. If you think about it, you would probably wash your car more often if it wasn't so expensive. With our unlimited wash club you can come back later today, tomorrow,  the day after, anytime you want.
Let's do the math....
If you pay $34.00 for our monthly unlimited club and you wash your car twice a week that means you only paid $4.62 per wash. Where can you get a great car wash for less than $5.00 a wash? You can join the club right from this web site by clicking the tab below.  Join the Clean & Green Unlimited Car Wash Club today, makes a great gift idea too. 

- Nelci Rodrigues, Manager










Shrewsbury Clean & Green Car Wash

We offer a Full Service Soft Cloth Tunnel Car Wash, a Touch-Free in Bay Automatic Car wash,

 and Self Serve Wash Bays & FREE Vacuums.

420 Hartford Turnpike (RT 20) Shrewsbury MA 01545

(774) 312-7044

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Unlimited Washes Club

5/17/2018 12:11:25 PM

You can sign up for the Unlimited washes recurring or Prepaid. Wash as many times as you want at both locations. Ask your attendant for details....

Our New Phone App

11/21/2016 6:52:40 AM

Check Out our New Mobile Phone App. Download it Free right from Google Play or your App Store. Search Washify, select MA as your state and Clean & Green C...


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